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"The Grail" - found by Rudolf Virchow and faculty in relation to the "Cellular Pathology".

The "Cellular Pathology", the birth of medical sciences. Strategically placed very late in human history, it shows its potential and importance through the success in discovery, research, teaching and clinic in the few decades since its emergence.
And if the dignitaries had gifted Mr. Virchow with the "Grail" on his 80th birthday and congratulated him and his faculty, this would be equivalent to "foundation of empire" politically. That is, since the time, Germany has been out of "danger". Very unfortunately, the importance of "Cellular Pathology" only broke through in the field of medicine. The statement of Virchow "medicine is politics and politics are not medicine" helped achieve the approach of "closing the history book". And if Bismarck and Virchow fought a duel and missed a mark as gentlemen and "waved" past Berlin while being drunk, this would have triggered a revival of sense with which it would certainly have been possible to see that the Grail has been found. "If", "would be"? Very well, because the headline here indicates that I fell prey to the happiness of this feeling - because a lady working in the medicinal field showed me - "Cellular pathology? Is that not the Grail? " 
I say: The Grail is a perfect present for a patient. And now it is a
medial-kommunikativ Message for all.

Disappointingly discovered in 2013, but still. What could "Germany have breathed in 1900". It is there in eternal knowledge, that the grail is a relief. It radiates the light and illuminates the environment in the distance. Pathetic and egopathic? No, because every country and people all around the world could have found him. So nationalistic? No, because even in Europe, every country would have found him and refer to him and - -the "Grail" is there for all. It is there for everyone and everyone can participate in it and it is no "communism". But incontrovertibly and on an "eternal note", it is stated in "the Holy Grail": "DPB.V & K' - "Germany Preußen Berlin Virchow und Kollegium".
And envy is inappropriate. The envy of "others" and the arrogance, which may arise from the locality is reduced in the grail property of healing.
Hence the huge word "the world will recover in Germany" is paraphrased into the medical field and corresponds to a dignity, that serves as a (warm) invitation to all people and nations - "the world can recover in Germany".
And the "eternal glory" of it does not become insipid or ebbs away, because the Grail does not exempt anyone from work. It invites you to join. To bring medicine and healing in the countries. It invites us to achieve something new.
The churches cannot take it into consideration. The nobles cannot. The political forces cannot. An individual cannot. It opposes the cult of personality through the "& faculty". The word "cell" from "Cellular Pathology" indicates the absolute individuality of man. One must not not work with it and on it and is not excluded from the results achieved ...
Considering this, the description "about the discovery of the found Grail" is completed...

Emergency medicine and preliminary examination
An empirical theory for detecting severe disease attacks occurring suddenly or substantial change of character (no matter what kind) in humans (also in relation to the cellular pathology and on the basis of the theory of blood flow rate disorder in the brain).
In the description of these observations, data could be contained which may be determined in a preliminary examination. From this, in turn, the statistics arise
-c linical statistics. For example: are there any blood or enzyme parameter changes which occur 14 days to six months prior to heart attacks which are still unknown or considered irrelevant? Values, that do not necessarily match with those which can be determined in substance and amount days, hours before, during or after a heart attack.
Do these values which are seen 14 days to six months in advance (yet unknown values in substance and height) correlate sometimes with character and or behavioural changes that become noticeable at some time? Why? The cell structure in the heart (in heart attack for example) responds to changes in supply and disposal, reacts to the metabolism of the tissue and their cells in the environment. The consequent signaling cascades determine adjustment procedures of the whole organism, and thus also of the nervous tissue. This in turn sets signal cascades and thus hormones, enzymes and unconscious processing of the signals from the body in action, to adapt to the changes, here: new heart cell mileau.
In the anatomical and cellular structure of the brain, such processing also leads to communication processes with behavioural anatomy for example (and this is "subject" to CLB ASEI input-output according to my theory). The behavioural anatomy is "controlled" and involved at least in the information process, if not affected.
This can be noted in the conspicuous character change (of any kind). The reasons may lie in the increased consumption of hormones and / or enzymes in the brain that are produced and provided to adapt to the new heart cell environment and then act accordingly. And now, the brain gradually gets this nerve cell work and processes it unconsciously. The answer is based on the priority list or the anatomical peculiarity of the brain. But not only the heart attack is one of the states that creates an answer list in the behavioural anatomy of the brain, but also strokes, tumors ...?

Rudolf Virchow, the founder of cellular pathology…… closely ... studied anatomy with respect to the cells of the different brain regions and their connections
 The decoupling of the skills anatomy (FäFerA) from the behavioural anatomy (VerA) resulted in the development of human beings and was in line with the growth of the cerebrum (FäFerA) in contrast to the other parts of the brain (behavioural anatomy, the VerA). This resulted in organised actions, reflections, memory, planning, ideas (associations, mental pictures). This led the people out of the zodiac ("exit" from the "ants rut"). One reason was the excessive increase in the actions. While the skills anatomy (FäFerA) exceedingly grew, the behavioural anatomy (VerA) remained on a low level... And did not evolve alongside and remained in the animal state?In my book I "Layer and contrast - the characteristics of the life and behaviour of living" I have mentioned that that the behaviour of people can be divided into different layers and the lowest layer is: the metabolism and energy transformation layer and at the bottom in it - metabolism and energy transformation (mostly) at the expense of others. And in contrast to this, metabolism and energy transformation (mostly) not at the expense of others... "largely" means any substance and energ transformation takes place "at the expense of inner and outer conditions, states, living things, human beings" and in interaction with "not at the expense of the oneself". This based on time (short, medium, long term) and strength. I expressed this in my book through different arrows between layer and contradiction. All the other layers are based on the lowest layer, in the animal and picturesque layer packet. This layer always at the bottom, set in time and largely at or not at the expense of others ....
This means! In my opinion, any comparison of humans with animals is not wrong artistically and perhaps biologically as well but not right on the whole either. A plant is a plant, an animal is an animal, man is man. Even if it is quite often said with regard to the behaviour of people - "Humans are worse than animals". This bad behavior is based on other reasons rather than the behaviour and anatomy of animals.

The nature-human hunt has been there for eons. The mutual hunting of animals and plants among themselves is part of behavioural anatomy (VerA) and remains as the nature/living thing hunt in the evolution in the forces of nature, animals, plants and humans. That is, earthquakes, storms, "herbivores", "peaceful animals", "predators". Therefore, earthquakes, storms, etc. but also viruses, snakebites, tuberculosis, poisonous jellyfish etc. are part of the nature-human "hunt". The "man-man-man-hunt" cannot be assigned to the "nature- human hunt" however. After all - it's an addiction. Addiction because the human-human humans hunt counteracts the development of the skills of the people. The human-human human-hunt is merely a behavioural (!) form for gaining power over things, states and people. And power rewards / corrupts, like other "addictive things", the brain-I and "body-I". The ability of exaggeration can be started up.
(Nuclear weapons are on the one hand an exaggeration of man-man-man hunt in "line" with the FäFerA for protection from this and at the same time part of the medical means against this addiction and the obsession with religion (faith is not meant here), nihilism, no cure and healing with the help of FäFerA. Not only StatusQuo of the "powers", but a StatusQuo between FäFerA and VerA of people (worldwide).Any attempt to come out well out of this rut with the more developed FäFerA failed. Any attempt with religion and ideologies and the alternative options they offer and combinations (even if they were so "well intentioned" / are), with art, culture, labour, industry, military, even science and medicine - failed sooner or later in the "highly infectious psychopathic" (new: irregularly autistic) syndrome in integration of the (indirect / direct) man-man-man hunt and resulted in the triumph of madness. The history book is closed."The almost"highly infectious psychopathic"(new: irregular autistic) syndrome resulted in the country-, religion -, ideology -, economy -, politics and group-specific systems over the years". In the centre of the working people-slave layer. Between the ring of men and this working slave layer, there is an occupied zone (halo), on the inner and outer border of which, the guards / protectors of all political camps, including groups, sects, military, services, etc. are present. This not only arises through the "highly infectious psychopathic" (irregularly autistic) syndrome of mankind, but this "we do not want to forger these rings of men and the ladies", the working slave layer and "Halo" are driven and maintained by the "highly infectious psychopathic ("new: irregularly autistic) syndrome of all people. The history book is still closed.

To summarise:
The FäFerA (Skills Anatomy) is "in order" for all people (worldwide)!!(Severe destruction of FäFerA excluded). This "in order" describes that the talent span from .... to ... is present in this, i.e. less to highly talented in these or physical, athletic, artistic, scientific, educational, cultural things etc. Activities and thinking, action and handling, etc. The VerA (behavioural anatomy) is however "not in order" for all people (worldwide)!This in the span of ... up to -, i.e. from slightly neurotic, choleric, over pubertous and up to psychopathologies (old) new: irregular autistic being up to the most severe damage to the MMMH (man-man-man-hunt).
 Rudolf Virchow raised the FäFerA and KörperA on scientific basis. The discovery of Rudolf Virchow around 200 000 years after the Incarnation, is in itself a proof that scientific discovery is not enforceable and can be owed to saltatory recognition path. The KörperA is unique and individual for every person however!And thus has certain talents and variants in the FäFerA. The KörperA is still not FäFerA or VerA. The VerA is a blood flow rate deviation during puberty and probably impaired and disturbed from the time of childhood. According to Rudolf Virchow, "everything comes from the cells." - means that the cells are living things with all features of life and hence metabolism, which therefore secrete their own metabolic products as well. And the nerve cells also do this. These metabolic products are removed in the brain via the vascular system and the cooperating cells (astrocytes, glial cells). However, in growth, there are different phases of blood circulation and hence different blood flow rates in the brain. Thus, it is quite possible that the resulting metabolic products of the nerve cells are not removed and accumulate in the brain (interstitial spaces, cells). Beyond a certain level of these metabolic end products of nerve cells, damage to these cells may also occur in the brain. This initially results in the disturbance or destruction of VerA. And this in all people in the world - but to different extents in the different individuals.

The local, temporal and individual additional errors (not the main causes of the disruption or destruction of VerA) may occur, for example, due to toxins (drugs, alcohol, mining areas), trauma (also not main causes of the disruption or destruction of VerA), shaking of infants, accidents, blows to the head, misuse, neglect, diseases (meningitis) (also not the main cause of VerA disorder / destruction) and other factors triggering the "minor shock". Minor shock means - the above-mentioned events may additionally (!) disrupt the blood flow rate such that the metabolic end products of nerve cells are accumulated in the brain due to the growth due to the growth in addition to the natural disorder of the blood flow in the brain. And thus impair the VerA to an even greater extent. Thus religions and philosophies are (and earlier and until today religions are equivalent to philosophies) are not the reason for suffering, distress, murder, war, as main effects or only the expression of the man-man-man hunt, but rather as described by Rudolf Virchow (the founder of the medical philosophy) - it comes from the people, and as described here, it has physiological and anatomical causes in everyone (worldwide).
"VerA"- all people are affected, secondly the FäFerA automatically takes over the emotional behaviour of VerA and transforms it into learned feelings, which then mix with the existing emotional behaviour. Making this clear and separating it is expressed in the inner search and review of one's own life and environment nestled back in habituation, compromises, etc. And also the capitulation before the laborious, but also simply inaccurate finding, whether this is now a real feeling or learned feeling, is it a mixture of genuine, learned feeling, compromise, tolerance, obligation, pressure and... At the same time, it will be visible in Virchow's acts, as Rudolf Virchow did not recognize the VerA. And the people around him did not either. Because "Everything comes from the cells" is very close to the subject of humanity and behavior, but just turns off towards FäFerA. And thus the successors of Rudolf Virchow followed the way shown by him, but just in terms of the solution, the "FäFerA it is." Siegmund Freud saw the behaviour in the soul and then on the basis of Rudolf Virchow in addition in the FäFerA. And Robert Cook, the master of KörperA and the originator of freedom of body from nature-human hunt, only realised this through the FäFerA.In my opinion, the dispute between Robert Koch and Rudolf Virchow could be based on the fact that cellular immunity and humoral immunity had just been newly discovered in the times of Robert Kochs and Rudolf Virchow and were considered separately. The interaction of both systems was determined in the 60s. As Rudolf Virchow came up with cellular pathology (1859) (based on the work of Friedrich Günzburg and Robert Remak) and Robert Koch dealt with serum and blood, Rudolf Virchow opposed Robert Koch, to finally overcome this old myth of the juices. And - and Rudolf Virchow himself was of course not immune as "the first and only head of the human universe" but also affected by the fundamental damage to VerA. For all people of the world at least have pubertosis. Yes, and even behavioral scientists Darwin, Lorenz, Tinbergen came up close but not exactly to it. What could be owed to the salutatory path of knowledge, but was not absolutely necessary. The history book is closed.

The influencing or even destruction of VerA is a physiological problem in the growth phase. To treat it without medication, can now be proceeded with through the FäFerA according to the knowledge - "the VerA it is". Research on the preservation of VerA structure (cells) shall be carried out. Drugs cannot replace these cell structures, but only imitate any "material distributions" (cell products) (see Parkinson in FäFerA-KörperA relationship or interaction).

And now to the effects of growth-related blood flow disorder in the nervous tissue of the brain in relation to FäFerA, VerA.The naturally induced accumulation of metabolic end products of brain nerve cells and dead nerve cells is eliminated and removed from the brain. But not everything. Even if the blood flow rate changes only slightly, a lot more degradation products would remain in the nervous tissue of the brain. A particular or specific degradation products have one or more tendencies to damage nerve cells in the behavioural anatomy or to interfere with the connection of skills anatomy and behavioural anatomy of the brain. With regard to the diseases, I think that the destruction / disruption of VerA takes place due to a physiological cause as part the "Hirschsprung disease" (a genetic disease with nerve cell involvement) and the mitochondrial myopathies (biochemical failure, faulty respiratory chain in skeletal muscle and brain tissue(!) (mitochondrial encephalomyopathies) (hypoxydosen, ischemic hypoxydosen). from the book: "Special and General Pathology" ....
" as part of" means - the physiologically mediated destruction / disturbance of VerA is not a genetic disease, because all the people in the world have the problem of VerA (more or less pronounced). And it is not based on internal defects of the nerve cells.
Because the insufficient flushing / discharging of the metabolites and the like is physiological. The cell damage, i.e, the general and specific cell microscopic findings that arise from it, relate to VerA and the interrelation with the FäFerA
I would describe this interrelation as follows: If the disorder of VerA that is seen in every person in this world can be considered as "normal, the FäFerA can adapt and "restack" the behavioural patterns inherited and acquired in VerA. The FaFerA learns / acquires the behavioural patterns adequately. But the acquisition is not as moderate however. At the latest in puberty, the different growth phases between all tissues advance such that the blood flow rate in the brain begins to fluctuate affecting the VerA (in the context above). The juvenile crime, search for meaning, emotions express themselves through the VerA, but the physiological aspects disturb and destroy it as well. The FäFerA does not keep up with the re-stacking and the initial "mental illnesses" may develop.
But the normal "re-stacking" of the feelings of the VerA into the FäFerA brings a shift in the coexistence along with it. For example, the feeling of love is not lost, but the VerA loses substance or is blocked and then the FäFerA takes on this feeling imperceptibly (when FäferA has time). And the one who listens to himself to see whether he / she still loves the partner comes into a stumble or is made to ponder - because where is this feeling of love gone? No, the habit and appropriateness are not meant with this. Because after their review, the "listening" begins. Uncertainty arises that the partner might notice it. Thus, the knowledge, "Oh no, I do not love him / her like I used to!" triggers a shock - although one knows that one still is in love. The love might have been lost or weakened. But this is owed to the re-stacking of VerA on FäFerA normally. And all the intricate things in particular that arise in the course of life.
To summarise.

The determination of the possible relationship between the physiologically variable blood flow rate in the brain and the microscopic changes in the behavioural anatomy in the brain.

Apoptotic Pathways   Life is Life Cellways  Psychopatic Pathways   

Leads to the irregular feedback system in turn, because ...
nervous tissue is the "weaker" tissue as it does not regenerate as quickly as the other body tissues do. What causes a counter organization which in turn causes a response, and which can lead to cellular structure changes with degradation of substances and contacts or reactions which are then expressed in "psychological" diseases.The nervous tissue / brain is limited in supply and disposal, defence, "reconfiguration" - tissue, physiologically .

Descriptions and quotes:
Quote 1:
Subject: Theory of nerve cell and / or nerve cell association disorders due to accumulation of cell degradation products (cell metabolism), as well as remnants of the nerve cell apoptosis, due to inadequate removal of brain tissue, on the basis of fluctuations of brain blood flow rate following the growth changes from childhood with adaptation of body and blood circulation. Accumulation occurs from birth onwards, is enhanced during puberty and leads (in all people in the world) to incomplete maturation of the psychological (behavioural) anatomy (which I have mentioned as pubertosis). Intoxications, pure experience or body trauma etc. can trigger other "minor shocks" and may also interfere with the blood flow rate in the brain and add up to the "fundamental damage". The fluctuation in the blood flow rate in the brain caused through growth and the "minor shocks" lead to accumulation of cell and brain metabolite products which in turn lead to nerve cell disorders in general. These then lead to individual behavioural "disorders", "pubertosis", "diseases".
This theory is consistent with the following medical sources with respect to the point of growth-related blood flow rate disorders:"Cardiovascular disease in childhood and adolescence" by Hermann Gutheil Thieme, Stuttgart 1990; New York P. 252 13 Blood circulation regulatory disorders 1st paragraph (without table):Beginning of quote: "If even the accurate definition of arterial hypertension causes difficulties in childhood and adolescence, this shall apply in particular for the diagnosis of hypertension". In adults, systolic blood pressure values of less than 105 mmHg are termed as hypertension. For childhood, there are really no limit values for it that can be determined In contrast to differences in the hypertensive range, arterial hypotension and hypotensive circulatory disorders are classified as a disease only if they are accompanied by subjective complaints and symptoms. In children and adolescents, the blood circulation disorders caused through the upright posture (orthostatic hypotension) are of greatest significance. These primary blood circulation regulatory disorders, also known as idiopathic orthostatic syndrome, are etiologically considered as the delayed adaptation of the circulation to the body's development. " There are also disorders of cardiovascular regulation which occur secondary to a number of diseases of other organ systems, or through other effects on the cardiovascular system." Quote end
 Quote 2 . Subject: Theory of nerve cell disorders due to accumulation of cell degradation products (cell metabolism), as well as remnants of the nerve cell apoptosis, due to the inadequate removal of brain tissue...
The following quote is substantiated by Rudolf Virchow's cellular pathology and reflects the nature of the cells involved in the "blood-brain barrier"."Systematic Human Anatomy" 3rd edition. by Rolf Bertolini, VEB Verlag Volk und Gesundheit Berlin 1987 2.3.Neuroglia p.257 2nd Column, last paragraph and p.258 para. 1-3, beginning of quote: "Glial fibres are the glial cell protrusions with the glial fibrils contained in them. Some extensions of these cells end up with a foot-like distribution of blood vessel walls and form the so-called glia limitans perivascular membrane ("blood-brain barrier"). The protoplasmic astrocytes, which are mainly seen in the gray matter of the brain and spinal cord, can be recognized by their short, radially placed, highly branched extensions. They also border on blood vessel walls and serve the material transfer between blood and nerve cells, since their projections also touch the surface of nerve cells. Apart from a support function, the astrocytes have substantial tasks in pathological processes in the nervous system because they have the ability of phagocytosis and storage. In addition, defects in the central nervous system may be compensated through the increased formation of glial fibers, which then leads to the formation of glial scars. Oligodendrocytes have fewer extensions in general. The foothills of a cell can enclose several neurites. They form the myelin sheath of the nerve fibers of the central nervous system and can therefore be found in the white matter. They are in present rows between the nerve fibres. The term Hortega cells (microglia) is used for a group of smaller spindle-shaped cells that are of importance for the removal of degradation products in the central nervous system considering the ability of phagocytosis and storage. They may round up ("granule cells") and can wander around like amoeba. " End of quote


 Quote 3 .
subject: Findings regarding characteristics of the growth of brain structure, established by Rudolf Virchow's cellular pathology.
"Clinical Neuropathology" edited by Jorge Navarro-cervos and Ron Ferszt Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart New York 1989 "1 Developmental disorders and neonatal brain damage by Ron Ferszt and James Nelson: The normal mature newborn brain and the criteria of immaturity "p.3 1st Column 2nd Paragraph - beginning of quote:
"The histological assessment of periventricular matrix presents numerous problems. The fabric is very rich in cells and mostly occupied by round nuclei with scanty cytoplasm and more or less pronounced hypochromatic nuclei. In between, there are blood vessels with very delicate walls and often small blood spills. There are matrix cells (germ cells, neuroepithelial cells), the third to the ventricular system which arrange themselves around the ventricle system in the 3rd and 4th foetal month in layers. The emergence of neuron and glia from the lateral portions of the perventricular matrix is associated to the differentiation of nerve cells and their emigration along the cerebral cortex. The migrating neurons are usually not capable of division, unlike the glioblasts that are slightly smaller and retain the ability to divide for longer. " A large part of the matrix cells are redundant, i.e., many degrade as part of the "selection processes" which are poorly understood so far and only a few reach the cerebral cortex to mature to the definitive neurons there." Quote end
…. or perhaps not, considering the "large number of perishing cells." Here, the medical 'philosophy' meets the astronomy - star counting and neuron counting. –
With respect to this quote, the possibilities for theoretical descriptions of individual maturation of the brain are provided here. For example, it is possible that in humans a few "matrix"cells will not perish and many reach the cerebral cortex, "to mature to definitive neurons there" and in other people, more "matrix cells" perish and thus only a few (as described) reach the cerebral cortex.
This means in the case of "many more cells in the cerebral cortex" more compactness, greater cell density that can be fed less and fewer dendrites can be formed. And therefore, even if there are more cells that may cause a disorder.Or the higher cell density causes an increased development of the ICH regions / ICH volumes. This could be a cause for more or less severe forms of the "Autism", because the 3-sec switching from the "ICH-reflection to the "all reflection" is delayed (more or less) or almost no longer takes place. If only a few cells migrate to the cerebral cortex (as described), it is possible that there will be increased formation of dendrites, the compactness would be less and the supply and disposal would be better and hence people for whom this applies may be paradoxically in the FäFerA group. The "cell mean" described in the quote may be the cause for the "normal value" at the beginning of the birth.
The 3 sec phenomenon, what in my opinion is not only visual but also has a physiological basis with regard to Rudolf Virchow's cell pathology and anatomy. This exists in that the brain cell regions get activated in 3 sec-/ 1 sec frequency alternately in order to be able to effectively absorb the oxygen available in the brain and to be able to release their materials in turn. An alternate pulsation between absorption, filling and release of substances, signals, transmitters. The 3-sec phenomenon is a kind of alternate "breathing action" of the nerve cells. In comparison with the "tasks assigned" to them. An "oscillation" between groups of neurons with simultaneous task processing.
The 3 seconds or the "oscillating second" are referred to here as the "ideal base periods" under consideration of the individual plus minus tolerances. A conscious lengthened or shortened 3sec phase therefore causes or may cause an under-supply of nerve cells or trigger effects on the limbic system or other processing systems (this is not a negative or positive assessment).
- 3-sec phenomenon and "oscillating second"
- the emigration of matrix cells during brain growth
- the blood flow rate in relation to the supply and disposal in nerve cells and
- the different affinity of brain cells to hormones, for example testosterone

shall be included in the search for the causes of the "highly infectious" (New: irregularly autistic) syndrome of VerA included.
 Description of CLBASEI-input-output
cortical-limbic-basal-amplification-stimulation-emission-of- Idea input-output  !!!!!

In this regard, as Introduction again: Findings regarding characteristics of the growth of brain structure, established by Rudolf Virchow Celluarpathologie.
"Clinical Neuropathology" edited by Jorge Navarro-cervos and Ron Ferszt
Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart New York 1989 "1 Developmental disorders and neonatal brain damage by Ron Ferszt and James Nelson: The normal mature newborn brain and                                                                     the criteria of immaturity "                      P.3 1st column 2nd paragraph - Beginning of quote:
"The histological assessment of periventricular matrix presents numerous problems. The tissue is very rich in cells and mostly occupied by round nucleiwith scanty cytoplasm and more or less pronouncedrhypochromatic nuclei. In between, there are blood vessels with very delicate walls and often small blood spills. There are matrix cells (germ cells, neuroepithelial cells), the third to the ventricular system which arrange themselves around the ventricle system in the 3rd and 4th foetal month in layers.
The emergence of neuron and glia from the lateral portions of the perventricular matrix is associated to the differentiation of nerve cells and their emigration along the cerebral cortex. The migrating neurons are usually not capable of division unlike glioblasts which are somewhat smaller and retain the ability to divide for a longer time. A large part of the matrix cells are redundant, i.e., many degrade as part of the "selection processes" which are poorly understood so far and only a few reach the cerebral cortex to mature to the definitive neurons there." Quote end .
Thus I would like to make the following considerations. The "leftover" matrix cells (neurons!) that do not migrate to the cortex or do not perish remain in the "limbic" and "basal" environment. In general, "the clinical significance" of these "heterotopias and similar structural abdnormalities" classified as "microdysgenesis" is controversial "(Thieme Clinical Neuropathology 1989 p.13 2nd . column 1st Paragraph "migration disorders"). But in my opinion these cells may well be active in their role as neurons. Although they are far fewer in number than the cortex cells, but their special anatomical location provides them with some advantages biologically considering their existence. In my opinion: the characteristics of life, the cell, the "cellular pathology" of Rudolf Virchow are necessarily context of sociological analysis and behaviour of humans. These "matrix cells" (neurons) are living beings in an anatomical space and associated with the time factor and, therefore, with their growth . That is, they first of all - reach the "site" quicker than the cortex neurons and can hence start to work earlier, secondly they are - in a better location concerning supply and disposal (nutrition), thirdly -- they can have direct contact with areas of the brain unlike the cortex cells. The ability of the neurons, which remain in the matrix or surroundings, to start "work" earlier could correspond to their function, and these can be connected with other neurons through the axon and dendrites. The remaining matrix cells can hence connect with their neighbouring matrix neurons AND the neurons in the surroundings directly, with which the cortex neurons cannot connect like this. A kind of dominance arises from this with the matrix neurons environment.
 The "neurons in the vicinity" of the matrix neurons would then be the neurons of the limbic and basal region of the brain.
anatomical description of the matrix region:

Quote regarding the discovery of the matrix cells and the region from "The Insulae terminal of the adult brain of man - Friedrich Sanides - from Journal of Brain Research Bd 3 (Issue 2/3 1957 - (243 till 273-273) page comprehensive bibliography; (Page 244)
Paragraph 4/5 (!) Beginning of quote: "The main task of this work should be to show island-like formations from three topographically different areas, the supraamygdaleum, the nucleus accumbens and the stria terminalis as identical such that not only their similar structure is presented, but this is also contributed to a common soil, i.e. a common matrix section of the telencephalon. Supraamygdaleum is a term used for any loosely attached small cell nucleus area which fills the space between the main complex of the amygdala and the basal layer ..... The second topographic area dealt with here, the nucleus accumbens, connects the head of the caudate nucleus to the putamen ventrally...
The term stria terminalis is used for the strips of the lateral ventricle bordering the caudata nucleus which also marks the border to the thalamus." End of quote (!)
(Page 272 para. 3/4/7) (!) Beginning of quote: "The origin of all these cell islets from a common soil, the matrix section of the medial part of the ganglion following the Kodoma (medial ridge in Johnston, medial thigh in case of Kappers) could be demonstrated. Hence, an accompanying nucleus of the stria terminalis, stria terminalis ` bed' according to Johnston, is demonstrated in adults.
The islands are composed of cells that are smaller than the small striatal cells. They could be classified into three differentiation stages, gamma 1,2,3-cells.
As a characteristic topical feature of these islets, their arrangement along the telodiencephahlic border was recognised, wherein an indication of the physiological condition of their emergence could exist. "end of quote (!)